Beverly Wilshire Limosines

Beverly Wilshire wanted to differentiate themselves from the other limousine services in Beverly Hills. John Valera created a new unconventional and refreshing image different from all other limo companies... John did just.  

Brand & Identity

The logo in itself evokes multiple imagery the wings of a plane when viewed from the top, the majestic presense of a hood ornament or a boat plowing through the waters, The logo follows John Valera's guidelines of a good logo. It must be iconic that when the iconography is divorced from the text must be able to stand on it's on and be memorable, the logo must also fill several sizing criteria from postage stamp to billboard style. The color palette is also critical. John went with a regal color scheme. It must be sophisticated yet memorable. John chose a three color branding consisting of course of black and white. The addition of the purple gives it both a regalness and a bit of pop.

logo colors


The website uses a modern design language to frame a unique image created for the brand to compliment the logo and subsequent print materials. Beverly Wilshire Limo services is known for its concierge level service that allows their clientel to craft a transportation package whether on land, sea or air... or a combination of each. John Valera designed a site to work similar to an app accross platform to convey the company's services.


Print Materials

Business Cards

John Valera's philosphy in creating a business card is to craft an iconic look that distinguishes itself in a see of other competing cards in your wallet or rolodex. This design fits the bill and also follows the same design language as the website and the brochure. 



The brochure must contain almost 80% of the details found in the website without feeling cluttered or forced, John used angles similar to the business cards and website in a new and refreshing way to create spaces and divisions separating the different styles of text using imagry and iconography.

1 bwls trifold2
1 bwls trifold1 bwls trifold



23 January 2015

Project Name

Beverly Wilshire Limosines


Print & Branding, Interactive
Beverly Wilshire Limosines

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